How to Trade Like a Congressman

Often wonder how congressman get so rich? What better place to start investing than by seeing what lawmakers are doing with their money. I have discovered links that will get you up to date information about investment trading executed by all members of congress and their spouses. For the Senate you can go here :

Another Leader Falls…

The recent Ravi Zacharias news is very distressing. It is being reported and confirmed by a law firm hired by RZIM that Ravi advanced in appropriate conduct towards multiple massage therapist over a period of time. There have been way to many of these stories lately of big spiritual leaders falling in sin. There is

Getting Organized

It seems as though some people coast through life effortlessly, appearing as if they never forget a thing and are always on time. I am NOT one of those people. I am not sure what the root of the cause is, but my brain has a severe case of selective memory. If I have a