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It seems as though some people coast through life effortlessly, appearing as if they never forget a thing and are always on time. I am NOT one of those people. I am not sure what the root of the cause is, but my brain has a severe case of selective memory. If I have a task to accomplish that I am not particularly fond of or it is not a pressing issue in my life, it will usually slip into the dark matter of my mind rarely every recalled again without some sort of outside influence.

Over the last several years, I have tried to come up with solutions to motivate and remind me to do these forgotten tasks. The motive of late has been using to- do lists in my phone set with reminders to jar my memory. But the problem with that method is that I become overwhelmed with all the things I have on my plate. I quickly trained myself to ignore these tasks by continually snoozing or rescheduling them only to keep doing that over and over again.

So now I have started a new system called GTD which stands for “Getting Things Done” developed by a man named David Allen. I have implemented this system using a web-based task manager called Todoist. This system helps you organize and prioritize everything in your life. Upon beginning this system, your first step is to literally dump every task/goal in your life onto a piece of paper. This process frees your mind to then prioritize and organize all the things that clog of your thoughts on a daily basis allowing you to move throughout your day with a plan and confidence that you are dealing with life’s issues in the most efficient way possible.

This system does have a little bit of a learning curve and does take some effort to integrate it into your daily routine. But if you do, you will be greatly rewarded with much less stress and daily feelings of accomplishing the pressing things in your life.

Below are some help videos to explore and implement the GTD system into your life:

Simple explanation of the GTD system:

Using Todoist as your GTD tool:

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