All through out life, we are all faced with challenges, hardships, and teachable moments. There are many occasions on which I have learned the hard way of doing things. I have found my self saying over and over: “If only I known then what I know now”. I think we have all been there many times in our life.

The internet has become very prominent in all of our lives and it is loaded with both good and bad stuff. One of the good aspects I have enjoyed is the wealth of information that can be obtained through a simple search.

I have developed this blog to simply share the things I have leaned and experienced in hopes that it will help others avoid the hard way of doing things. I will not dare say that everything that you will find here is the absolute best way of doing things or that the information posted here is the best source. However, what you will find here are my experiences and opinions that I have learned through out my life.

If I have posted some wrong information feel free to leave your comments. If I have helped you out, I would love to know that also.